Personal projects

This gives you a fairly good idea of my hand-eye coordination.
Me taking a screamer.



Writing and speaking

On Sport

I have maintained a sporadic cricket blog since 2009: Batsy. It’s mostly personal reflections on the game as it happens, mostly lighter, some heavier.

Here are a few samples:

I was moved by the reactions to the Michael Wilson photo of Kayla Harris to write a Roar article on how Pierre de Coubertin felt about female athletes.

I recently gave a presentation on the French Vichy government’s ban on rugby league for the one-day symposium Rugby League Reflections, organised by the Tom Brock Bequest people, an organisation attached to the Australian Association for Sports History. A paper based on the presentation is being prepared and the session I spoke in has been made into a podcast at The Rugby League Digest. This work also led to being interviewed by Tony Collins on his Rugby Reloaded pocast:

I wrote an academic article for Deleuze and Guattari Studies applying Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy of film to the aesthetics of sport.

On Translation

Magazine articles in In Touch, the magazine of the Australian Institute for Interpreters and Translators:

Industry presentation on ‘Machine Translation from a Professional Angle’ for a Multilingual Health Information Stakeholders Forum organised by the NSW government’s Multicultural Health Communication service:

On Food

I have an extremely sparse food blog, Batsy Food, but I was recently moved to write a longer piece on the late, great Margaret Fulton:

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