Professional experience



Commercial publications: Over 30 titles, mostly in the fields of cooking and lifestyle (travel, craft), plus consultation services for French language content in English-language books.
Media translation: film, video, magazines: script translation and subtitling of films, documentaries, promotional videos and current affairs. Fashion features for magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, GQ and Vogue.
Business/commercial: contracts, PowerPoint presentations, promotional material.
Academic: philosophy, literary theory, film theory.
Official documents: birth, marriage, death certificates, police checks, educational qualifications and employment documents.
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I am the Editor (T&I) of the magazine of the Australian Institute for Interpreters and Translators, In Touch. I oversee the balance of content, solicit potential contributors, offer editorial advice and generate content where necessary. I work alongside another Editor (Publication), who works more closely with the authors on their text, and a designer.


Translation: Media and Specialised translation courses at the University of NSW, working with small language-specific groups workshopping the translation of French source texts.
Philosophy: courses, guest lectures and tutorials at the University of Sydney, Monash University, University of Melbourne and Northwestern University. Subjects: philosophy of sport, American pragmatism, contemporary French philosophy, psychoanalysis, film theory, , semiotics.

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